miércoles, 12 de marzo de 2008

Stuff that navigates my mind....

Because nobody reads my blog, I want to make this a space where I paste all the information on the Internet that I find useful, entertaining; stuff that I like.

PANDORA!!! Pandora.com is radio HEAVEN. You write one song, and depending on instrument sounds and voice it matches similar random songs and plays it all together. Is like having the perfect radio station, without commercials and stupid annoying songs! VOILA!! (OK Pandora doesn't pay me for promoting them. So natural that I'm studying Advertising. :P)

YOUTUBE!!! youtube.com is.... video HEAVEN!! (OK I'll stop)I enjoy the sweet taste of free and fast videos now. I had dial-up Internet. Not pretty. Now I have this super-mega-fast broadband Internet!! Woohoo!! I can watch any shit I want. Is there. Anytime I want.

TVUPLAYER!!! tvuplayer.com is.... you guessed it TV HEAVEN!! (well not really) TVUPlayer is really fun and free, there's a lot of channels to choose from. It doesn't have Travel Channel (my fave channel with the best shows) BUT it has TV channels from all over the world; China, Spain, Italy, India.... As a communication student I love watching news from all places. I know, what a dork. But I love news. Weird obsession.

Talking about news... Time Magazine has the best blogs ever. There so good and informative, I can spend hours reading them. Not good when I have 3 tests the next day.

Naturally, I love all travel-related information. Websites(lonelyplanet.com) Blogs (Lost Girls, Nat Geo Traveler, Brave New Traveler)Blogs are the best thing. I really can't complain.

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