miércoles, 22 de julio de 2009

Mira si yo te querré

When I finished my classes on May, I was very, very worried of what I was going to do with four looong months that awaited me, in home, waiting for the glorious and awaited September to arrive. Fear invaded me: “I can’t be home so many time!”, “I’ll get crazy” (Sorry, mother!) The thing is, I live in a very isolated place, close to the beach. Yes, it is beautiful, but if you spend too much time here you tend to forgot that more human beings apart from you and your family exists. “People on the supermarket: weird specimens!”

Anyway, I got in my hands some amazing books that have got me absent minded from the reality. I love books, but for some reason, the ones that I buy always end being not what I expected and the ones I borrow from my dad or friends are devoured in hours of me desperately reading. One of them, “Mira si yo te querré”, by Spanish writer Luis Leante is a book that has captivated me dearly.

The story starts with Monsterrat Cambra, a Barcelona native doctor who is unconscious at a hospital in the Sahara desert. She is hallucinating, and soon we find out why she has traveled to Africa all by herself, and the reasons that placed her in that state. Her story intercalates with that of her first love, the also Spaniard Santiago San Román, whose story is told between his time at Barcelona and Algeria, in the last Spanish colony in Africa.

Wow...what a beautiful book! Leante’s writing style is smooth, and with short, fast-paced sentences. The love story gets through your mind and veins instantly, experiencing Monste’s pain and Santiago’s uncertain and lonely journey. These two people’s lifes controlled by destiny makes you think about your own life...That so-called destiny, that threw them between romantic Barcelona and unforgiving Sahara, without even advising if they shall ever meet again.

Mr. Leante, your story have stolen my heart. I’ll definitely read more of your books now.

lunes, 20 de julio de 2009

Postcrossing cuteness

I love Postcrossing. The wait, the cards, the stamps. My day is made when one card arrives, and when another I sent arrived. The postcards dominate my mood right now. Imagine my pleasant surprise, when this charming postcard from Hamburg, Germany arrived:

Awww! Thank you, my dear Mina! I hope you meet a lot of new friends and play a lot! Ahh, those good times!

Back to the forgotten diary

I'm updating this blog after more than a year of absence. When I created it in 2007, things were very different as they are now, but I am still the same and wanting the same things. So, I'll try to leave some love in here now more often, and write things that I can come back and remember in the future. Several weeks and days are left for my big trip. The one I've dreamed of endless nights. The one I have desired since I was in school and we studied Spanish influence in our history. I had to do it. I had to go...I am going.