domingo, 23 de diciembre de 2007

Who knew?

I always wanted to write. It was like a bug-bite that kept me itching. When I was little I had various diaries from Hello Kitty (!) and I used to write all sorts of stuff, like if my mom had send me to clean my room, if I had a fight with my brother etc etc. But then my parents divorced, and somehow this diaries pages were blank, I stopped writing on them completely. I thought there was nothing worthy to write about. But then I got to high school, for my English class the love started again. I started to write for the school newspaper (that was very cheap lol) but I loved it anyways. I've wanted to start a blog but I'm not sure I'm mature enough to write interesting stuff people want to read. I'm sure I'm boring you already with my bla bla blog. Sorry!! I just had to get it out of my system.

Well who am I??
I'm a college girl living in the coasts of Puerto Rico. (Huh? Where? Is that Costa Rica? No, no. Is the land of Ricky Martin) I think sometimes too much, read probably too much, and complain maybe too much. Ha ha. Over-analyzer but positivist. Spiritual. Live with lot of desires... I want to: run World's Best 10 k in Feb; manage to get my butt to running more often; live in peace with myself; make arrangements to make my study abroad experience more approximate (I'm dying to go!!!) Raise money to make that happen; keep studying etc etc

I want to meet you who are reading this. (hope theres someone there. mmm ok no. well you never know) I'm new to this blog world so if there's something I'm doing wrong feel free to tell me. I'm open to learn. Also, if you want to know something about my beautiful island, Puerto Rico, you can also reach me. I'll be more than happy to tell you anything!

Nos vemos!

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