domingo, 23 de diciembre de 2007

Running Odyssey

OK so I've never been the athletic type of girl. Far from that. When I was little I was more on the chubby side, but was ok with it. When I got older, I magically lost that extra weight and was at a very healthy weight through junior and senior year of high school. But something EVIL happened. I started gaining weight again. I guess it was a normal way of developing after all that hormonal mess that you through as a teenager. I never did any kind of exercise. My uncle (shame on you! :P) has a family joke about one time when I was at his house he needed to go to the bathroom and was in a hurry and accidentally wore my flip flop instead of his and he couldn't move and almost s**ts himself. LOL. It proved I was considered the most nonathletic and lazy of the family. But it doesn't end there.

My father and brother are avid endurance runners. My Lil' 16 year old bro can run for hours non stop, and not in easy tracks, but on hills that are like mountains. Dad have been running for like 20 years know, so he knows his stuff. One day I talked to him about my brilliant idea: Dad, I want to start to run! Teach me how! He said, yeah Valeria. Stay were you are. He never took me seriously in that aspect. I got great grades, was a good girl, why I was bothering with boy's stuff? He didn't want his little girl all sweaty in the streets, because men have it more easy. They don't get harassed. I mean, who cares if a man is running? There are other thousands. But if a women runs (BEEP!!! Miraaaa mamacitaaaa blaaaaa blaaa) Is not fair. I gave up running outside and started in the lonely and boring exercise of stationary bike. Ugh. But I kept at it. Twenty five minutes a day. In three weeks, I saw results. I felt great. But then college started, and with that late-night take out food, snacking anytime of the day, drinks, brownies from the neighbours and exercise what? Who had time for exercise in college? Not me! So again, I saw great results. Everything was screwed up. Running in college seems impossible. One thing I have is that I don't like people to see me exercise. And to get to the track in the university you have to walk the campus (OMG people can see you) and walk around some buildings. I know, I know, that's just excuses. But the 10 k have me more motivated than ever. Even if I'm not running it all, I want to finish it. I've done two 5ks already, and felt great. I'll be posting more on my progress and my thoughts. Till then nos vemos!!

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